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Large Refillable Cylinders

Cylinder Heating Blankets


58L Single Mixtures, H2S

103L Single Mixtures, Methane, Zero Air

58L and 116LSingle Mixtures, H2S

58L and 116L Quad Mixtures for BW, MSA, OTIS

​Other Specialty Mixtures


General Purpose Lights and Sirens
Haz-loc Lights and Sirens


Tiger and Tiger LT Handheld VOC Detectors

Tiger Select Handheld Benzene Detector

Cub Personal VOC Monitor

Titan Fixed Benzene Detector

ARA Single Gas Disposable Personal Monitor


Model 760 Multi-Spectrum Infrared Flame Detector

Model 860 Ultraviolet-Infrared Flame Detector

Model 660 Ultraviolet-Infrared Flame Detector


1550 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Medium Case

1600 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Large Case

1605 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Air Case

1630 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Transport Case

1650 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Large Case

1700 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Long Case

iM3220 Crushproof/Dustproof/Watertight Long, Storm Case™


11L Bump Gas - Quad Mixture

58L Single Mixtures, H2S, SO2, etc

116L Single Mixtures, H2S, SO2, etc

100L Single Mixtures, CO, CO2, Air, N2, etc

58L Quad Mixtures for ISC, BW, MSA, RKI, OTIS, etc

116L Quad Mixtures for ISC, BW, MSA, RKI, OTIS, etc

Other Speciality Mixtures



LD-250 Long Range Lightning Detector

EFM-100 Short Range Lightning Detector

ERL10-KIT1 Lightning Alarm Package (EFM-100 & EFL-10)

ERL10-KIT2 Lightning Alarm Package (EFM-100 & LD-250)


330S Explosion Proof H2S & Total Sulfur Analyzer

331S Div2 H2S & Total Sulfur Analyzer

330SDS Dual-Sensor H2S Analyzer

331SDS Dual-Sensor H2S Analyzer

TFS1 Hydrocarbon Composition Analyzer 

131 Gas Chromatograph 

M70 Moisture Monitor 

CO2 Analyzers

Advanced Micro Instruments (AMI)

Michell Instruments


66L Single Mixtures, H2S

105L Single Mixtures, Methane, Zero Air

66L and 120LSingle Mixtures, H2S

66L and 120L Quad Mixtures for BW, MSA, OTIS

​Other Specialty Mixtures


​OI-6000 Explosion Proof, Wire-Powered Sensor Assembly

OI-6900 WireFree Dual-Battery Sensor Assembly

OI-7010 32-Channel, Non-Explosion Proof Hybrid Monitor

OI-9100 WireFree, Handheld Signal Strength Meter

OI-5950 Explosion Proof, WireFree Switch-State Transmitter

OI-5900 Explosion Proof, Wire-Powered 4-20mA Transmitter Assembly

OI-7530 32-Channel, Non-Explosion Proof WireFree Relayer

OI-7530 32-Channel, Explosion Proof WireFree Relayer

OI-7543 6-Channel, WireFree Monitor

OI-9850 255-Channel, Non-Explosion Proof WireFree Receiver


2500 Series Single Stage, Diaphragm Sensed Pressure Reducing Regulator

2700 Series Compact, Fixed Flow Pressure Reducing Regulator

2900 Series Adjustable Flow, Piston Sensed Pressure Reducing Regulator

4500 Series Dual-Stage, Diaphragm Pressure Reducing Regulator

4902 Single Stage, Vacuum Breaker Pressure Reducing Regulator

50-11762 Filter/Regulator

50-11969 HP Breathing Air Regulator

​50-11102 4-Stage Regulator


Remote monitoring by cellular, mapping, data logging and alarm notification solution for OTIS Instruments gas detector controllers and sensors.


GX-3R 4-Gas Confined Space Monitor

​GX-2012​ Multi-Gas Detector

GX-6000 Multi-Gas Smart Detector

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