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About the manufacturer
Premier Industries was established in 1995 as a designer and manufacturer of proprietary specialty gas and hydraulic regulators, valves, and systems, which now service a diverse market worldwide. They offer a standard product line, alongside custom engineering to meet the demands of a diverse client base. Many of the Premier Industries regulators that we carry have been designed and manufactured specifically for H2 Solutions only.

Premier Industries is proud to be a vertically integrated company that has the ability and means to produce quality products from concept to completion.  All of their regulators are designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in house.

  • Vertically integrated - Premier has integrated the design, engineering, manufacturing, inspection, assembly, testing, and shipping of their regulators, allowing them to have complete control and visibility over the quality of our product from start to finish.

  • Experienced and responsive engineers - The engineering team is highly responsive with over 100 years of regulator design experience, enabling us to turn around custom designs quickly and efficiently.

  • Modern and innovative technology - The Premier Industries facility is home to modern and efficient production technologies, research & development lab, high-speed machining centers, product assembly & testing stations, quality assurance & inspection center, shipping station, and customer support center.

  • Competitive pricing​ - Through in-house manufacturing, Premier Industries can offer a better-quality regulator at a more competitive price.


Pressure Regulators for Disposable Bottles, with Multi -Flow Characteristics

Pressure Regulators for CGA Refillable Bottles, with Multi -Flow Characteristics

Single, Dual and Quad Stage Pressure Regulators Available

Breathing Air & Nitrogen High Pressure Regulators Available

Product Brochures

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