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Gasco specializes in manufacturing high-quality calibration gas mixtures. Their offerings include:

  1. Non-Reactive Single Gas Mixtures: Pure gases like nitrogen, oxygen, and helium.

  2. Reactive Single Gas Mixtures: Gases such as ammonia, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide.

  3. Non-Reactive Multi Gas Mixtures: Blends of non-reactive gases tailored to specific calibration needs.

  4. Reactive Multi Gas Mixtures: Custom blends containing reactive gases for more complex calibration requirements.

For more information, visit their Reactive Single, Non-Reactive Single, Non-Reactive Multi, and Reactive Multi gas pages.


Non-Reactive Single Gas Mixtures

Reactive Single Gas Mixtures

Non-Reactive Multi Gas Mixtures

Reactive Multi Gas Mixtures


Product Brochures


Three Cylinder Carrying Case, Soft Sided for 58, 103 & 105 Liter Cylinders

This soft sided carrying case can hold up to three 58, 103 or 105 Liter calibration gas cylinders and regulators.

Dimensions: 14″x4.5″x4.5″

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