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Wired and WireFree gas detection systems and alarms
H2 Solutions Inc. is Canada's exclusive distributor of OTIS wire-powered and WireFree (wireless) Gas Detection Systems and Alarms.

OTIS specializes in battery powered self-contained wireless ambient air hazardous gas detectors H2S, LEL, and Combustible Gas applications. As an OTIS distributor, H2 Solutions offers a complete product line of wired gas detectors and wireless gas detectors to the Canadian market.

Multiple applications and installations have been completed by H2 Solutions using OTIS wired and wireless technology. Industries where H2 Solutions represents these innovative wired and wireless gas detection systems include oil and gas, wastewater treatment, food and beverage, manufacturing, power plants, and refineries.

Products offered by H2 Solutions include system components from the GEN II Product line, including: OI-6000 and OI-6900 sensor assembles, OI-5900 and OI-5950 4-20 mA transmitters, OI-7010 32-channel monitor, OI-7543 6-channel monitor, OI-7530 relayer, OI-9100 handheld signal strength meter, and OI-9850 255-channel receiver. 

OTIS products use graphical LCDs with LED backlights. Sensor assemblies use electrochemical, infrared, or PID sensor element(s) to detect a variety of gases. Battery and wired power (12 to 35 VDC) unit options with 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz communication, 4-20 mA analog, and/or RS-485 Modbus outputs are standard.

Established in 1983, OTIS Instruments has been an international force in gas detection for over 35 years. Founded on a commitment to quality customer service, the Texas-based company has been on a narrow path to "building a better product" since its dawning.

Since 2005, OTIS has specialized in WireFree gas detection--an OTIS-exclusive long-range self-contained battery-powered gas detection product line that is industry-certified.


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