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H2 Solutions is a Canadian supplier of Omniguard Flame Detectors, including the multi-spectrum infrared flame detector and ultraviolet-infrared flame detector.

​Flame detectors from Omniguard® by Firefly
Omniguard® flame detectors are known throughout the world for their outstanding quality and reliability. Omniguard® flame detectors are used in a wide variety of high-risk fire protection applications throughout the world. Using UV or IR sensors, or a combination of both, Omniguard® detectors have an extremely low false alarm rate and are able to sense and notify the user of various conditions and parameters of flame.

Omniguard® by Firefly offers:

  • Proven history of product performance and reliability in the field

  • Design, engineering and manufacturing expertise

  • Existing worldwide service and support network

  • A five-year warranty on the UV and IR sensors used in our flame detectors

  • A three-year total warranty against component or manufacturing defects

Firefly is one of the world's leading supplier of fire and explosion protection systems for the process industries. With innovative solutions, high-quality products and outstanding service, Firefly has served its global customers over 40 years.

The unique Firefly techniques have proven to be the most effective in preventing fire and dust explosions in the tough industrial environments of the process industries. Up to today, Firefly has delivered more than 6,000 protection systems worldwide

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